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Why is nasal hygiene important?


Nasal washes, even daily, represent the best way to prevent cold in children and adults.

In this way, it's possible to maintain nasal mucosa clean and avoid the adhesion of dust, viruses, bacterias, and allergens.


What to know?

The cleansing of nasal cavities, if done daily, plays an important role in prevention.

Saline solutions used to cleanse can be of different types; the sea water-based ones, particularly, contain mineral salts and trace elements, important for the breath well being.

Nasal washes have the role of:

- PROTECTING from external aggressions
- HELPING to eliminate secretions
- FREEING from impurities (viruses, bacterias, and allergens)
- PROMOTING the natural humidity of the mucosa
- PREVENTING from infections


To avoid inflammations, which often become cold and cough, it's important to sanitize the area and to do a good nasal washing,even daily.


When to do nasal washes and how?

To grant hygiene, one nasal wash, daily, is enough. If there's inflammation, it is needed to increase the repetitions. The solution should be warm, while the head should be slightly inclined toward one side.

When to do nasal washes and how?