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Well-being of the eyes


The eye is one of the most sophisticated organs in the human body, but it is also one of the most exposed to external and internal agents potentially harmful to health. Every day our eyes are subject to continuous stress that can cause a series of problems, classifiable into two main categories.



The reddened eye is the most frequent symptom of eye irritation and is caused by the dilatation of blood vessels. This irritation can be caused by small stresses that increasingly frequently affect our eyes every day, such as feeling of foreign bodies, use of screens, excessive light stimuli, exposure to atmospheric agents. The main symptoms of Red Eye are itching, burning, photophobia, pain.

Often a rapid relief comes from the use of delicate products to clean and restore the balance of the ocular surface. Eye redness is a symptom that can occur very frequently.



The most important barrier between our eye and external stimuli is the tear film, which plays a fundamental role in protecting and nourishing the ocular surface. Due to exogenous or endogenous factors, the tear film can be altered by losing its protective action and causing dryness of the eyepiece. Dry eye is an increasingly widespread disease. 

The dry eye is caused by an alteration of the tear film due to reduced tear production or excessive evaporation, which causes damage to the inter palpebral ocular surface and is associated with symptoms of eye discomfort such as: fatigue, ocular weight, burning, sticky eye for secretions, difficulty in opening the eyes, photophobia, pain, redness.

The treatment of the dry eye should not simply relieve symptoms such as burning and redness, but should directly intervene on the origin of the problem, for this reason it is important to use products specially designed, delicate and usable for long periods.