Decongestant Spray 50ml

Isomar® Decongestant Spray Hypertonic seawater solution from the Marine Park of Cinque Terre

Hypertonic sea water

Colds, allergic rhinitis,... are very common diseases and they cause an annoying feeling of closed nose and fatigue in breathing.

 Isomar Decongestant spray is a hypertonic solution based on sea water specially designed to achieve a decongestant action of nasal mucous membranes.

It is a Medical Device CE 0123
Carefully read the instructions and warning
Ministerial Authorization for advertising n. 3608 of 22/01/2020



HYPERTONIC SEAWATER SOLUTION : seawater is decongestant due to the salt concentration of around 3%. The salty solution compared to body fluids promotes a gentle decongestant action by osmosis and helps drainage of secretion



Apply the nose nozzle to the cylinder. Spray one or two nebulisations for 2 seconds in each nostril, wait a few seconds for the solution to drip slightly and blow the nose. To better reach all the recesses of the nasal septum and therefore have a more complete and quicker cleaning, we recommend to use the bottle vertically. To facilitate use in children, even when lying down, the product can also be used in a horizontal or upside down position.


    Isomar Decongestant Spray is suitable for the following uses: fluidising and improving the drainage of nasal mucous and reducing swelling in the upper air way; eliminating stagnant mucous from nasal passages in colds and allergic rhinitis; relieving symptoms in patients affected by sinusistis and rhino-sinusitis; thoroughly cleansing the nasal cavities removing pollen, dust and smog.


    Hypertonic seawater (Natural saline concentration of seawater around 3%) Does not contain preservatives or colourings. Propellant gas: Nitrogen.