Nose and eyes
Daily hygiene Vials 24x5ml

Nose and Ears Daily hygiene vials

Isotonic Seawater


Daily nasal cleansing is very important both for children and adults to help prevent colds and respiratory allergies and to keep the respiratory tract healthy.

Isomar Daily Hygiene Vials is indicated even for daily nose, ear and eye cleansing. It can also be used in aerosol therapy

It is a Medical Device CE 0123
Carefully read the instructions and warning
Ministerial Authorization for advertising n. 3608 of 22/01/2020



it has the same saline concentration as our body fluids (0.9% in NaCl), the solution passes on the mucosa and, in addition to performing a fluidising action and releasing the closed nose, cleans it by carrying away allergens and bacteria.




Open the sealed vial by turning the cap. Insert the single-dose vial into the nostrils of the lying baby. Press the vial until the desired dose is released. For the child able to use Isomar Vials alone and for the adult, insert alternatively the vial in the nostrils, pressing each time, with the head on top, inhaling and closing the other nostril with the finger. 



Open the sealed vial by turning the cap. Instill one or more drops in the conjunctival sack, as necessary, even frequently during the day. 

The tip of the vial must not come into contact with the surface of the eyelids or eye. For cleaning the eye area, use a sterile gauze of solution and gently massage the eyelids and eye contour.

  • Indications

    Isomar Daily Hygiene Vials, based only on isotonic seawater, carry out a fluidizing action and can be used directly as nasal washing or aerosol therapy. Thanks to the presence of Seawater of Cinque Terre, it can also be used for eye cleansing.

    INDICATIONS FOR DAILY NASALE HYGIENE: in case of colds, sinusitis, rhinitis, allergies in general also from pollen and for those working in closed environments especially in the presence of dust. As a mucus and nose mucosa blood residues solvent, for hygiene and cleaning of the mouth and eyes of infants, to hygiene and cleanse the nipple of breastfeeding women. In adults, it allows the better drainage of nasal mucous membranes. Indispensable for those who have undergone nasal surgery and for people who snore.

    INDICATIONS FOR THE WASHING OF THE OCULAR SURFACE: use in case of feeling of dryness and minor non-pathological disorders such as burning, redness and ocular fatigue caused by external factors such as exposure to wind and solar rays, dust, pollen, fumes, salt, dry environments (Air Conditioning, dry heat...), prolonged permanence in front of video screens and use of lenses.

  • Composition

    Diluted sea water up to a salt concentration of 0.9%.