Nose and Ears
Daily Hygiene Spray 100 ml

Isomar Naso e Orecchie Daily hygiene Spray 100 ml

Isotonic Seawater

Daily nasal cleansing is very important both for children and adults to help prevent colds and respiratory allergies and to keep the respiratory tract healthy.

Isomar Daily Hygiene Spray, based on isotonic sea water, performs a fluidifying action and can be used both for nose and ears cleaning due to the presence of two nebulizers. 

It is a Medical Device CE 0123
Carefully read the instructions and warning
Ministerial Authorization for advertising n. 3608 of 22/01/2020

nebulizers, one for the nose and one for the ear


ISOTONIC SEA WATER SOLUTION: it has the same saline concentration as our body fluids (0.9% in NaCl), the solution passes on the mucosa and, in addition to performing a fluidising action and releasing the closed nose, cleans it by carrying away allergens and bacteria.




Apply the nose nozzle to the cylinder. Spray one or two nebulisations for 2 seconds in each nostril, wait a few seconds for the solution to drip slightly and blow the nose. To better reach all the recesses of the nasal septum and therefore have a more complete and quicker cleaning, we recommend to use the bottle vertically. To facilitate use in children, even when lying down,
the product can also be used in a horizontal or upside down position.




Apply the ear nozzle to the bottle. Spray one or two 2 sec. spray 1/2 nebulisations in each ear. In case of abundant spillage of wax, use a cotton stick gently to remove it, never insert the stick inside the ear but pass it only on the outer earcup.

  • Indcations

    Isomar Spray Daily Hygiene is useful in case of colds, sinusitis, respiratory allergies in general also from pollen and for those who work in closed environments especially in the presence of dust.

    Isomar Spray Daily Hygiene is also suitable for those who have undergone nasal surgeries by eliminating blood residues and favors breathing in people with a deflected nasal septum or who snore (roncopathy).

    Isomar Spray Daily Hygiene is indicated in pediatric age (from the first year of age), in pregnant women and during breastfeeding.

    Isomar Spray Daily Hygiene with its fluidizing action can be used daily to increase the humidity of the nasal mucous membranes. The case contains two dispensers, one for the nose and one for the ears.

  • Composition

    Diluted sea water up to a salt concentration of 0.9%.